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  • The palette is available in 3 different colors, with the texture of matte, which can create different styles of makeup, It can add a natural matte effect to your skin tone.
  • Providing a natural glow, creates perfect glow and chisel look, It help make your skin look lit and luminous, These highlighters adapt to skin tone while creating a color-shift effect
  • Skin-friendly, light and soft, easily create clear and brilliant makeup finish, Has a good color rendering, can instantly brighten the skin
  • Even the pros love our products, Get the perfect blend that suits you, Color pallets hues you can mix and match to create a variety of looks that fit every occasion. Outstanding cosmetic essentials designed perfectly for any occasion.
  • Extremely portable, thin, and lightweight, Easily fits into your makeup bag, Packaged in a convenient sleek design perfect for applying everyday needs or touching up on the go.

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