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Behind The Scenes

Hello lovelies, firstly thanks for trusting us at The Brooks Beauty. The idea of Brooks Beauty started out of 9 to 5 job’s frustration and powerful will to create value for all the beautiful people out there. Vegan and cruelty-free products were always on my mind, which eventually led to me coming up with a platform to present 100% Natural, cruelty free products for daily or occasional needs. Happy Shopping ❤️.

Jordan Brooks

The Brooks Beauty


Eco-friendly and ethical beauty is a growing trend among consumers. We are living in a world where we want to take care of ourselves and our environment. This is why vegan cosmetics are becoming more popular. Brooks Beauty strives to create high-quality, eco-friendly make up without harmful chemicals and animal byproducts.


Brooks Beauty offers wide range of 100% Natural, Vegan Make up for all of you beauties out there.


Get your hands on our Lip products and wear your fashion in style without worrying about hazardous chemicals.


Eyes are one of the most attractive part of human face, enjoy our cruelty free eye shades and products to be the real you.